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Exchange & Trade-in of Pumps and Parts

Rotating Right offers a wide range of products from our own inventory for exchange, trade-in/trade-up and from our customers' surplus inventories for resale. We focus mostly on providing this type of equipment for reciprocating multiplex plunger pumps. We also work with progressing cavity and centrifugal pumps.

Our exchange program includes fluid ends, power ends, crankshafts, crossheads and complete pumps.

Our trade-in/trade-up program includes most brands of reciprocating pumps.

Our customer property surplus pump program has grown rapidly over the last four years. We stock, repair and remanufacture customer property pumps. We also market these pumps, on behalf of our customers in the oil and gas marketplace as part of our standard offering. We take your surplus lists and market the pumps without moving them to our location. This helps keep our costs down while providing you the best return possible on your surplus.