Reciprocating Multiplex Plunger Pumps

BEAR (UNION replica)

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Reciprocating Multiplex Plunger PumpsRotating Right specializes in the sales, service and application of reciprocating multiplex plunger pumps. We have over 75 years of service expertise in pumping systems, and over 100 years of experience in the sales and application of surface pumping systems. We have three Master Pump Technicians who are Level 4 Trained Specialists from the National Oilwell Pump Sales and Application Program.

Rotating Right has distribution access to a wide range of multiplex plunger pumps and has fostered solid relationships with manufacturers to benefit our customers and partners. Our intent is to provide the best product at the best price to meet timelines in the best possible manner.

The pump ranges we stock and purchase regularly satisfy a broad range of applications, most commonly in the range of 2 to 600 HP. They feature pressure ranges from 500 to 30,000 PSI and flow ranges to 20,000 BFPD (3,161 m3/d). Multiplex pumps are standard with nickel aluminum bronze fluid ends, but can be suppplied in 316 SS or duplex stainless steel.

Please contact us for more details of our multiplex pump lines, and click on this link to take you to a library of Performance Curves covering some of the pump lines noted above.